I bought, can’t use.

You should always be able to use what you paid for!

In most cases, the problem you reported can be solved by using one of the solutions described below.


Have you purchased the subscription via iTunes or Android?

In case you purchased the subscription a while ago, please make sure you’re logged in with the correct account that you used to purchase the subscription originally.

In case you have purchased the subscription and couldn’t access your account immediately afterwards:

Sometimes a successful in-app-purchase doesn't get “reported" to our servers when the connection lags at the wrong time. Please try to restore your purchases through the Restore Purchase feature, which you’ll find in Blinkist’s settings.


Have you purchased a subscription via the website and can’t access it through the mobile apps?


Usually this can be solved by simply logging out and in again.


You’ve probably signed up and purchased a subscription with a different email address (or made a typo when you signed up the first time).

Please make sure you’re using the correct email address to log in.

If none of this worked, we’ll help you figure it out!

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