What about copyrights? Are you stealing from authors?


Our books-in-blinks distill the main ideas and most important concepts from nonfiction books, but they are new, original works of their own, written in our the Blinkist style, voice, and scientific format. We do, however, negotiate licensing agreements with publishers in order to be able to offer our readers original quotes. You can identify officially licensed summaries by the original book covers.

No avid reader who currently buys books will stop once they discover Blinkist. Our blinks are concise and compelling, but necessarily limited by their format. Full length books offer more in-depth discussion, rich examples, references, and explanations that blinks can’t fit.

We hope that by giving people an easy way to discover new knowledge, Blinkist will bring authors more readers and help get more great books noticed and read.

We believe in setting knowledge free from those piles of books you’ve never moved from your bedside table, and free from the libraries where only people with memberships and loads of time can find them. We believe that ideas are important and delightful, and can make your mind healthier and happier, too. We believe that just as a taste of a new topic might get you curious about a whole new area of study, and that one great sentence can offer you new perspectives, enticing you to read more, not less.

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