How do you make sure that you cover everything?

Our writers, editors, and field experts read and analyze the book, extract the key insights, and polish the blinks till they’re not just smart, but also easy and fun to read. For an extra layer of security, we review and fact-check every book in blinks.

Basically, our obsession with quality is your insurance, and we work really hard on our blinks to give you something we (and you) can feel good about. By the time our blinks make it to you, we’re confident you’re getting the book’s most important messages in the clearest way possible.

A little note from our team: We’ve made a choice to stick to a human process: we use real writers and editors to craft our books-in-blinks, and we do it with care. But we’re not perfect—if you think something from the original book is missing from one of our books-in-blinks, please, let us know! We love it when you make us better.

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