Is there a difference between your app for mobile (smartphones and tablets) and your website?

Yes, there are a few differences between our website and the mobile apps.

First off, it is only possible to listen to Blinkist audio summaries in the apps for mobile. Although it is possible to read on both the website and in the mobile apps, it is not possible to listen on our website.

If you are a paying subscriber, you'll notice that the mobile apps include certain features that are not available on the website. These include: audio, the Activity Feed, listing a title as a Favorite, tagging and sorting titles, and browsing our curated user lists. 

The Library view is also different on the website. In the mobile app, your library has a filter feature, you can find it on top of your of your library list. Simply tap Filter and you can easily choose between In progress, Not started and Finished, whereas on the website it is divided into Currently Reading and Finished. To find your Not started titles in the web, please navigate to your Currently Reading section. 

Likewise, on the website it is possible to sort your highlights by title and by date, but in the mobile app, highlights are only listed by title. Once you tap on a title in the mobile app under Highlights, you'll see your highlights organized by Blink page. 

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