How can I filter / sort the library?

Open your Blinkist app and click the library icon to open your personal library. The Filter icon on the left hand side will allow you to categorize your titles according to three categories: in progress, not started and finished. You can also tick the box hiding all the titles that do not include an audio version. That way you can be sure that whichever title you open, you will always be able to listen to it as well.

For a step-by-step view of this please visit here.

(Please note that the unlimited access to our audio library is a Premium feature)

Next to the filter icon on the right hand side of the screen, you can also choose how you would like to view your library list. By clicking "added" you will see the titles you recently added into your library on the top of the list. The option "opened" will show the recently opened titles and the "progress" filter will show the titles you have almost finished on the top of the list. 

A step-by-step view of this is available here.

Please note that there is no filter in the website though. There you'll find the options Currently Reading and Finished.

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